Exploring Customisable Workwear – From Polo Shirts to Hi-Vis Jackets.

Branded workwear isn’t just a uniform; it’s a powerful tool for creating a cohesive and professional image. Imagine the impact of your team walking in wearing meticulously embroidered polo shirts or jackets adorned with a sleek logo. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, branded workwear fosters team unity and reinforces branding. It’s a walking billboard for your company, leaving a lasting impression on clients and creating a sense of pride among employees.

So what workwear can you personalise? For Customise It Now’s in-house production team, almost any item you can think of can be customised. 


Custom T-Shirts

The humble t-shirt is the basis for many work uniforms, making it the perfect place to start with customisation and branding. Every work t-shirt is an opportunity to showcase your branding. With a touch of embroidery or printing, you can upgrade to a custom t-shirt with a subtle yet powerful brand presence.

Branded Work Polo Shirts

Like the t-shirt, polo shirts are a staple of many work uniforms, striking the perfect balance between professionalism and comfort. With their inherent sophistication, Polo shirts become even more impactful when customised. An embroidered logo on a branded polo shirt is all you need to tap into the many benefits of branded workwear. It’s a stylish option that retains the professional look whilst connecting your excellent work with your brand. 

Branded Workwear Trousers and Shorts

Not many uniforms forgo trousers, making them an ever-present branding opportunity. Whether you opt for a sleek slim-fit style for the front-of-house staff or durable workwear trousers for on-site work, trousers are a practical and stylish part of a uniform that can be easily branded to unlock even more benefits.

Branded Work Jackets

Branded work jackets are an excellent addition to a work uniform. Jackets go beyond mere outerwear; they offer style with added functionality. From keeping you warm during chilly days to protecting against the elements, jackets are indispensable in various work situations. Their versatility ensures you can find the perfect balance between style and practicality, making them a valuable addition to any work wardrobe. The only problem is that they cover that amazing branded polo shirt you had embroidered. Thankfully, custom-printed solutions let you enjoy the comfort of a jacket without giving up your branded workwear. 

Branded PPE 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a legal requirement and a necessity for ensuring safety on the job. PPE is essential, so why not maximise the benefits? Build on the safety benefits with personalised branded PPE. What could cement the association between your company and construction, for example, than your logo on a hard hat? 

Branded Hi-Vis Clothing

Hi-Vis is essential for workplace safety in many jobs. Whether a hi-vis jacket or vest, hi-vis workwear keeps you visible and safe in low-light conditions, making it invaluable for construction sites, roadwork, and other situations where visibility is key to preventing accidents. Like any workwear jacket – a high-vis jacket covers your other branded workwear. But you shouldn’t have to choose between your workforce or brand being visible. Choose both with branded hi-vis workwear

Upgrade to Branded Workwear

Ready to redefine your team’s image? Explore our range of customisable workwear. Whether embroidered polo shirts or hi-vis workwear branded with printed logos, our range combines style, comfort, and brand identity seamlessly. Elevate your work attire today! Contact Customise It Now for more details.

Branded Workwear FAQs

Why is branded workwear important for a business?

Branded workwear is essential for businesses as it creates a professional and cohesive image. It enhances brand visibility and fosters a sense of unity among employees, making them easily recognisable and promoting a positive company image.

What customisation options are available for workwear?

Workwear can be customised in various ways, such as embroidery, screen printing, and digital transfers. Each method uniquely showcases logos, slogans, or designs, allowing for a personalised touch that aligns with your brand identity.

How does branded workwear contribute to team morale?

Branded workwear instils a sense of pride and belonging among team members. Wearing customised uniforms creates a feeling of unity and solidarity, fostering a positive work environment and boosting team morale.

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