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When it comes to keeping active, nothing is more motivating than looking and feeling your best. With our collection of sports shirts and clothing, you can find everything your team needs to stay fit while looking smart. From sports vests and base layers to shorts and leggings, you can kit your team out from head to toe with affordable yet high-quality leisure clothing. Each garment in our sportswear collection can also be personalised with your team’s branding; whether it’s your gym logo or squad numbers, the possibilities are endless. Choose athletic wear for your team from our extensive range and then add your desired branding using our easy-to-use interface. For more clothing options, don’t hesitate to shop our collection of team wear, hoodies and t-shirts also available.

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Welcome to our comprehensive sports and leisure clothing collection at Customise It Now! Whether you're a fitness enthusiast hitting the gym, a dedicated athlete training for your next competition, or a parent seeking quality sportswear for active kids, our range caters to all. From supportive sports bras to comfortable base layers and stylish over tops to versatile shorts and leggings, we've curated a diverse selection suitable for various activities. Our sportswear is designed for functionality without compromising on style, ensuring that anyone seeking comfort and performance in their workout attire will find the perfect fit here.


Custom Sports Shirts & Shorts

Personalise your sportswear and leisure clothing with our extensive customisation options. We offer both embroidery and printing techniques to elevate your chosen garments to reflect your unique identity. Whether it's adding your company's branding to gym uniforms, imprinting player numbers on team t-shirts, or showcasing your logo on accessories, our customisation options offer a professional finish. Through our user-friendly platform, you can easily upload designs and choose colours, fonts, and placement, ensuring that your customised sports and leisure clothing embodies your brand, team spirit, or individual style flawlessly.


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Explore our collection of custom sports shirts and trousers today, and fit out your team with comfortable yet stylish branded leisure wear. Whether you're aiming to boost team spirit, showcase your brand's essence, or simply looking for comfortable, functional attire for your fitness journey, our range delivers. Join our community of satisfied athletes, teams, and fitness enthusiasts who've discovered the transformative impact of customised sportswear. Complete your order with hoodies and t-shirts available, and don’t forget to explore our team wear collection for more athletic clothing.


Sports Trousers and Clothing FAQs

Can I customise sports and leisure clothing for my sports team or fitness group?

Absolutely! Our customisation options allow you to add team logos, player numbers, or group branding to the apparel. Choose from embroidery or printing techniques to create a cohesive look that reflects your team's identity or fitness community.


What materials are used in your sports and leisure clothing collection?

Our collection features a range of high-quality materials suitable for various activities. From moisture-wicking fabrics ideal for intense workouts to breathable and flexible materials for comfort during training sessions, we ensure durability and functionality in each piece.


Are there specific washing instructions for customised sports and leisure clothing?

To maintain the quality and longevity of the customised apparel, we recommend following the washing instructions provided with each garment. Typically, washing in cold water and avoiding harsh detergents or high heat during drying helps preserve both the fabric and the customised design.