Chef Uniform Customised For Your Brand

The key to a well-functioning kitchen is a cohesive team. One way to boost morale in your kitchen is to transform your chef uniform. At Customise it Now, we offer a range of chef jackets and chef tunics to enhance the way your kitchen staff look and feel. From short sleeve chef jackets to chef jackets tailored to women, we have everything you need to improve the way your kitchen works. To further strengthen the sense of team among your kitchen staff, why not take advantage of our customisation service? Displaying your brand identity doesn’t just impact your team but also your customers. A chef uniform adorned with your business name and logo can present a more professional look, creating a lasting impression. For more options, take a look at our collection of aprons and shirts to elevate the workwear of other members of your team.

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At Customise it Now, we offer an extensive range of chef uniform to suit all your needs. We’ve got you covered with short sleeve chef’s jackets for warmer working conditions, long sleeve chef jackets for greater protection, culinary pull-on chef’s short sleeve tunics for a more modern look, chef’s Coolchecker t-shirts for increased airflow, chef’s artisan jogger bottoms for maximum comfort, women’s short sleeve chef’s jackets for a tailored fit. Dive into our chef uniform range to experience comfort and durability even at the busiest moments of service.


Chef Jackets From Customise it Now

What sets our chef jackets apart is the customisation we offer. You have the option to customise your chef uniform however you want. From restaurant names, logos and even the title and name of each member of your team, you can personalise your chef coats and other items to suit your restaurant. At Customise it Now, our team is experienced in providing excellent embroidery services, helping you transform the look of your kitchen staff.


Upgrade Your Chef Uniform Today

Boost your brand identity today with Customise it Now by customising your chef uniform with your restaurant name and logo. Our comprehensive range of chef uniforms means we have everything you need to rejuvenate the look of your team. From chef jackets to chef tunics, we have various styles suited to your needs. You can also explore our range of trousers and blouses to elevate the look of your front-of-house team. Order now so you don’t miss out on FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £100.


Chef Uniform FAQs

What is the difference between a chef jacket and a chef tunic?

Chef jackets and chef tunics are very similar in that they are both the outermost layer in a chef’s uniform. However, a chef jacket is more traditional and refers to the style of a double-breasted button-up top. A chef tunic, on the other hand, is a more modern and casual design that can either be in the style of a pullover or zipped up.


Can you customise any item in the chef uniform collection?

All items in our chef uniform are customisable apart from accessories such as the chef’s scarf and the turn-up chef’s hat. It is ideal to have a balance between items with branding and items without. Having every item in your chef uniform adorned with your brand logo may seem too intense and pushy, so don’t worry that not every single item in our chefwear collection can be customised.


Are there specific chef jackets for women?

Yes, we offer chef jackets tailored for women. This ensures any woman in your kitchen team can also benefit from having a comfortable experience. Our women’s chef jackets encompass a fitted styling around the upper arm, waist, and bust to offer a more flattering look. Shop our long sleeve and short-sleeved women’s chef jackets today!