Discover Our Collection of Fleece Gilets and Body Warmers

Explore our collection of bodywarmers and gilets, providing you with style and functionality during the colder months. We offer an extensive range of gilets, including the cosy fleece gilet, the insulating padded gilet, and the versatile softshell gilet. These are the perfect additional layers to keep your staff and team members warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. But what truly sets our gilets apart is the ability to personalise them with your company branding and logo. Our embroidered gilets and personalised bodywarmers make it easy for your workforce to stand out while staying comfortably warm in the cold. Plus, with water-repellent and water-resistant options available, these gilets aren’t just stylish, they’re practical. Our embroidered softshell and fleece gilets are the ideal canvases for displaying your brand’s identity while keeping your team warm and dry. For more options, don’t hesitate to explore our range of jackets and polo tops also available for customisation. 

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At Customise It Now, our collection of bodywarmers and gilets is designed to meet your team's needs during colder months, ensuring both comfort and style. We offer an array of gilet styles, catering to diverse requirements. Our selection includes snuggly fleece gilets, which provide warmth without sacrificing functionality. For those seeking extra insulation, our padded gilets offer the perfect balance between comfort and protection. For rainier days, our versatile softshell gilets combine sophistication with practicality, providing a stylish yet protective water-resistant layer. Whatever your preference, our gilets guarantee your staff and teams are ready to face the cold while looking sharp.

Fleece Gilets and Padded Gilets from Customise It Now 

Each gilet in our collection can be customised with your company branding, logos, and promotional information. Our embroidered gilets and personalised bodywarmers transform your gilets into powerful brand advertising. Whether you want your branding printed or embroidered, our softshell and fleece gilets provide the perfect canvas to showcase your company's identity. Not only do these gilets keep your team warm, but they also boost your brand's visibility, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and even your competitors.

Order Personalised Gilets with Free UK Delivery Over £100

Ready to enhance your team's image and comfort during the colder seasons? Look no further. Shop our collection of body warmers and gilets at Customise It Now, and take advantage of FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over £100. The deals don’t stop at personalised gilets either. You can also explore our wide range of jackets and workwear bundles that can be customised to meet your specific needs. Transform your team's appearance and stay warm while you're at it. Your journey to stylish and practical workwear starts here.

Personalised Gilet FAQs

Is there a difference between body warmers and gilets?

Body warmers and gilets are both sleeveless garments designed to keep you warm. The key difference lies in the terminology, "body warmers" typically offer more insulation and warmth, while "gilets" are often more lightweight and can be worn as an additional layer without excessive bulk. In our collection, you'll find both options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Can I add custom branding and logos to my body warmers and gilets?

Yes, you can! We offer custom branding and logo customisation for our body warmers and gilets. You can personalise these garments with your branding, logos, team numbers, or promotional information. Whether you prefer embroidery, screen printing, or other techniques, we're here to ensure your garments represent your brand with style.

Are your body warmers and gilets water-resistant or suitable for specific weather conditions?

While not all body warmers and gilets in our collection are water-resistant, we do offer options with water-repellent features. These garments can help protect against light rain and damp conditions. If you have specific weather-related requirements or need advice on which body warmer or gilet is best suited for your activities, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, and we'll guide you toward the right choice.