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Explore our extensive range of customised hi-vis workwear designed to enhance safety without compromising on style. From hi-vis gilets and softshell jackets to personalised branded cargo trousers and jackets, our collection ensures visibility in challenging work environments. 

In industries such as construction, visibility is key to your safety. Stay safe in high-risk environments with personalised hi-vis workwear.

Our personalised hi-vis workwear makes your employees and brand easy to see. Stand out with our workwear customisation options, allowing you to add logos, names, or slogans to your hi-vis workwear. Elevate your team’s safety while promoting your brand. 

Browse our personalised hi-vis workwear range now for personalised workwear that will keep your employees safe. 

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Our personalised hi-vis workwear collection provides the perfect combination of safety and style. Visibility is critical in high-risk work environments, making hi-vis workwear essential for protecting your workforce. 

Our hi-vis range goes beyond mere functionality, offering both enhanced visibility and personalised branding. From practical hi-vis gilets to custom-branded hi-vis cargo trousers, we have everything you need to improve safety and create a branded uniform for your team. 

Hi-Vis Workwear - Enhanced Visibility for Safety

Step into a world of heightened safety with our hi-vis workwear collection, meticulously designed for optimal visibility in demanding work environments. From hi-vis gilets that provide unobtrusive flexibility to softshell jackets that shield against the elements, our range ensures you're seen, even in low-light conditions. In high-risk industries like construction, visibility is non-negotiable for safety. Our hi-vis cargo trousers offer a perfect combination of functionality and visibility, enabling you to work safely and confidently.


Personalised Hi-Vis Workwear - Branded for Professional Impact

Go beyond safety – make a lasting professional impression with our personalised hi-vis workwear options. Your safety gear becomes a canvas for your brand, as our bespoke workwear allows you to incorporate logos, names, or slogans. 

You work hard to deliver amazing results every time. Make sure that hard work is recognised and correctly attributed to your company. Reinforce the connection between your work and your brand with customised branded workwear. 

The benefits of customised hi-vis workwear extend beyond visibility; our customisation options enhance team unity, foster a sense of belonging, and project a cohesive brand image. Elevate your team's safety measures while simultaneously promoting your brand. Discover the power of personalised hi-vis workwear at Customise It Now – where safety meets style. 


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Stand out from the crowd and promote your brand with our personalised hi-vis workwear. Whether you need custom logos, names, or slogans, we offer bespoke solutions to meet your unique requirements. Elevate your safety gear with us and ensure your team stays visible and stylish on the job. 

Hi-vis jackets are the perfect finishing touch to your workwear, adding much-needed visibility. But your workwear needs to do much more. Check out our other customised workwear ranges for a host of other benefits. Stay safe with customised PPE, keep warm with personalised workwear jackets, and project professionalism with custom-branded polo shirts